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ERP Software

If you want a readymade ERP solution, we are here to help you with an effective ready to use ERP solution that fits your business size and shape.

    ERP Software Development Company

    ERP Software System For Corporates

    Want to manage inventory properly and increase sales? Agnito Technologies is here to offer you the best ERP software with dozens of unique features.

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    About ERP Software System

    ERP or enterprise resource planning is a business process management software that helps corporate businesses to share their journey to success. It streamlines all your business processes and manages vital functions of your business-like inventory planning, manufacturing and distribution, production planning, supply chain, human resource activities, and more.

    Our readymade ERP software enables you to compile data successfully in a central database and makes your cross-department more visible. It also discovers loopholes, potential opportunities, so that you can fix them and gain massive success. The software helps you run your business smartly and spend a considerable amount of time making actionable and profitable decisions.

    If you want to buy a readymade ERP solution, we are here to help you with an effective tool that fits your business size and shape.

    Features of ERP Systems

    Agnito Technologies is one of the best mobile and web development companies specializing in offering smart and innovative user experiences. Some of the features to expect in an ERP system are


    ERP systems offer an effective way to create business intelligence by transforming the data into useful insights and reports. Companies can easily use these reports for market opportunities.

    Customer Relationship Management

    The software offers a CRM feature that collects customer information like order history, contacts, prospect status, purchase order. It helps businesses to send notifications to their potential customers.

    Tracking and Visibility

    ERP systems provide a powerful feature called “tracking” to surface or track business metrics. It facilitates companies to break down data silos, and look at different aspects of operations.


    ERP offers the ability to automate business tasks like order processing, payroll, reporting, invoicing, etc. It minimizes the time spent on data entry, thus reducing human errors.

    Data Analysis

    The software enables business leaders to use data effectively by looking into actionable insights. It also optimizes current operations, spot fraud, reduces costs, and serves customers better.


    The software offers an accountability feature to track, store and manage financial data like accounts receivable, budgets, forecasting, general ledger, and accounts payable.

    ERP Software Development Services

    Benefits of Using Our ERP Software System

    Even the world’s most powerful and successful companies use ERP systems to increase their sales and visibility. Some benefits of it are

    • ERP provides a financial reality

    • It supports accounting

    • Connects with service and marketing team

    • It offers supply chain visibility

    • provide human resource tools

    • Increases collaboration and communication

    Here Are Few Screenshots Of Our ERP Application

    About Our Company

    Our Clients

    Andrew Karter Client

    I started the first project with Agnito in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with Agnito and gave many new projects to us.

    Chase Slepak (Head)

    Developed a marketplace for baby’s and children’s products. During the whole development of the website, I was very happy that the dedicated programmers followed my instructions, and at the completion, the results were very good and satisfying. Wish to work with them on bigger projects.

    Jonny Rosengren (IT EMP)

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    Do You Provide Support And Maintenance Services On Regular Basis?2021-10-29T11:14:37+00:00

    Yes, we provide 24×7 customer support and maintenance services. Our developers will give regular updates on your ERP software.


    What will be the cost of ERP Software Development?2021-10-29T11:12:49+00:00

    Every business is different and we understand it precisely. Hence the cost of software might vary depending on the set of features, customization, specific business processes, etc.

    How Much Time Will It Take To Deploy Readymade ERP Software For My Business?2021-10-29T11:11:49+00:00

    The duration of ERP software deployment depends on the complexity of the system, ISV add-ons, size of the company, and other required customizations.

    What All Types of ERP Software Do You Offer?2021-10-29T11:10:33+00:00

    Major ERP Software types we provide include cloud ERP, Open-source ERP, Vertical ERP, and small business ERP. The software we provide is based on utility, mode of deployment, level of functionality, etc.

    Why Choose Agnito Technologies For Readymade ERP Software Solutions?2021-10-29T10:31:09+00:00

    Being a leading ERP software solution provider, we aim to give your business a competitive benefit to improve functionalities like project management, service, distribution, and production. Request a demo today!

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    No matter which industry domain you belong to, 

    if you want laser-focused and dedicated services, you can contact Agnito Technologies and get the best service in the marketplace right at your doorsteps..”

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