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POS System

POS or point of sale systems enable customers to make the payment for services or goods offered by the company.

    POS System For Small Enterprises

    Agnito Technologies readymade POS system helps small enterprises take payments, manage their stocks, and track sales, all in one place.

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    About of  POS Systems

    POS or point of sale systems enable customers to make the payment for services or goods offered by the company. It also allows transactions between the company and the client. No matter whether you own a garment, billing, or retail store, a POS system is all you need to keep track of your sales and payments effectively.

    Our fast and convenient POS software enables the customer to avail benefits of your services anytime from anywhere. It works smoothly on PC, Mac, iPad, and smartphones. The Setup of the POS system is very easy, you just need to decide where to set it up and launch the software. Login, enter, and upload your products.

    Features of POS Systems

    Support All Devices

    Our readymade POS system supports all computers and tablets. No matter whether it’s Microsoft, Apple, or Android, it connects quickly and works smoothly.

    Inventory Synchronized

    Inventory levels can be easily maintained using POS in real-time through a fast internet connection. It involves no third-party system for synchronization.

    Use Printer

    It works well with any conventional printer. Receipts/invoices are printed like that on the web page. Moreover, you can send invoices through customer email id.

    Barcode Reader

    The POS system also works well with a standardized barcode reader. It reads barcodes and enters the data into the search bar to add the item to the cart.

    Unlimited Users

    Our readymade POS app solutions can be accessed by unlimited users across all devices. POS instance allows you to see order history.

    Easy to Use

    Our POS systems are easy to use, you just need to touch & click on the buy button to add it into the cart after completing the order.

    Benefits of Using POS System

    Our integrated and intuitive POS systems offer numerous benefits like

    • Real-time integration

    • Easy to use interface

    • Mobile capabilities

    • Automatic backups

    • Scale up your offerings

    • Up-to-date and flexible

    Here Are Few Screenshots Of Our Application

    About Our Company

    Our Clients

    Andrew Karter Client

    I started the first project with Agnito in 2014 and worked with them on 3 more. I was very happy with the Project management process and with the timely updates given by the team. He grew his business along with Agnito and gave many new projects to us.

    Chase Slepak (Head)

    Developed a marketplace for baby’s and children’s products. During the whole development of the website, I was very happy that the dedicated programmers followed my instructions, and at the completion, the results were very good and satisfying. Wish to work with them on bigger projects.

    Jonny Rosengren (IT EMP)

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    Can I update my POS System later on?2021-10-29T11:29:07+00:00

    Yes, our exceptional developers not only provide readymade POS systems but also provide regular updates. We help you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

    What is the cost of a POS System?2021-10-29T11:28:24+00:00

    The cost of a POS system for small businesses and large businesses entirely depends on the extra features & registers.

    Why Choose Agnito Technologies For POS System Solutions?2021-10-29T11:26:19+00:00

    Our superior quality POS system solution can manage and accelerate your retail business well. The POS system is fully customizable and can be integrated with additional features.

    Let’s Make Your Dream Come True

    No matter which industry domain you belong to, 

    if you want laser-focused and dedicated services, you can contact Agnito Technologies and get the best service in the marketplace right at your doorsteps..”

    Dhananjay singh


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