E-Learning App Development

Agnito Technologies is an experienced eLearning software firm that provides easy-to-use education mobile app services to educators and learners.

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Why Choose eLearning Software Development?

eLearning has an edge over traditional learning systems which are less effective and engaging. Today, educators and learners have entered into the modern era of online learning. The content is digestible and easy to grasp. It helps students to improve scores on tests, certifications, and other evaluations. Not only this, it has a positive influence on institutions and organizations.

Being an experienced and successful eLearning software firm, we aim to build platform-based and custom LMS to support educational businesses. Our developers use multi-level analytic tools to create powerful eLearning portals, mobile apps, and omnichannel.

Let’s ditch the old learning systems and benefit from modern era eLearning mobile applications.

eLearning App Development Services

At Agnito Technologies, we possess a highly cooperative and knowledgeable development team who are masters in building solutions for product companies, enterprises, startups, and agencies.

eLearning Portals

For a super-simplified insurance application, you can hire our app programmers. They will enable a high-performing mechanism for fast app processing.

Enterprise LMS

Since we provide our solutions to all business types, the cost of banking app development is low but of high quality. Developers ensure the app drives high user engagement to increase ROI.

Custom Mobile eLearning

Mobile device services are one of the fastest and best ways to grow any business. It increases engagement, availability, and opens doors to new opportunities. Being a reputed eLearning solution provider, you can expect a high user-centric mobile app service from us.

Our Strengths

Our extraordinary developers can tailor website templates accurately as per the custom requirements of clients. Below are some of our most favorable services-

Our app development center follows lower margin rules; hence we strongly believe in delivering quality services and support at affordable prices.

Our 24×7/365 days support helps clients to establish one-on-one communication. You can either email us or contact us through instant skype messages.

Providing worldwide clients complete satisfaction is our prime focus and we commit to lead our clients on the path toward success. We develop easy-to-use and friendly applications for your evergreen industry in the best quality.

Our coders and consultants possess profound experience in web & mobile domains and can understand the needs of clients perfectly. They pledged only to deliver excellent solutions to clients and help them save money plus time.

Being an emerging development company, we have competency in a myriad range of technologies and know-how to leverage the power of those technologies for bringing engagement.

When you choose Agnito, you tap some of the best developers across the world that possess relevant expertise in the field. Providing on-time delivery of projects in superior quality is what our mastercoders are known for.

Features We Offer

Our experts put extra effort into incorporating outstanding features to make your eLearning app more user-oriented and accessible. Some features we currently promote are

  • Assessments

  • User management

  • Interactive training

  • Group conferencing

  • Non-restrictive learning

  • Live streaming

  • Chat management

  • Subject management

  • Subject management

  • Schedule class sessions

Expertise In Different Industries

Agnito Technologies covers all important industries to benefit their client immensely with the help of business-centric service. If you wish to hire Bootstrap app developers from India, then Agnito is the best choice available. It will help you receive the best services in different industries like-

Health care

Our healthcare services include building apps with PACS/HIE APIs and Adjudications along with HIPAA-compliant software solutions to enhance health care.

Retail & Ecommerce

Our retail & Ecommerce services include creating apps such as real-time chatbots, shopping guide apps, and shopping portals to enhance user’s experience.

Banking & Finance

Our banking & finance services include creating software apps like POS, Crypto wallet apps, Asset management apps of superior quality with updated features.

Travel & Tourism

Our travel & tourism service includes creating apps like AR navigation, eTicketing system, kiosks, ERP, payment gateways, virtual tours, and more.

Media & Entertainment

Our media & entertainment services can digitize your start-up or business with powerful and smart apps that have AR/VR and artificial intelligence in-built in it.

Education & E-learning

Our education & e-learning services offer smart and clear learning solutions such as knowledge grounded apps, LMSs, and 3D book reading applications.

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Some Valuable Words From Our Clients

Grow Your Online Business Strategically, and Improve Customer Retention.

Andrew Karter Client

I have worked with Agnito Technologies for more than 2 years, and their dedicated developers provided me amazing outcomes for all the projects they undertook. I would highly recommend Agnito services to anyone who need professional development solutions.

Patric Jefferson (Head)

Agnito Technologies showed keen interest in our project. The supportive and friendly team delivered quality results under given deadlines. They stay connected through Skype texts/calls, and reported on timely basis. I will give them 10/10 for their professionalism.

David Douglas

Thanks to entire Agnito Technologies team for helping me with user-friendly iOS app. Every part of the development process went exactly as I expected. The best thing I like about Agnito developers is that they go extra miles to provide continual support on all stages.


Agnito coders provide quick bug fixes and latest updates. They work with patience and flexibility to bring the best piece on table. I would love to hire them for my upcoming projects. I would surely like to recommend Agnito team.

Alice Oubre

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Hire Agnito Coders Who Code Smartly & Professionally

Hire India’s no.1 developers and build your own personalized team of programmers to scale your web and app development capabilities. You can rent Agnito coders in just 3 three steps for web, eCommerce, CMS, mobile & other solutions. With 2x commitment, we help you save up to 70% on development costs than any other players in the market.

“Contact us today and let’s make your dream plan come true!”

Angela David


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